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Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2017

Now in its 70th Anniversary Year the NSW Police Pipe Band returns on 4 August, 2017 for its 2nd only appearance at the tattoo in Scotland. The band’s maiden appearance back in 1975 came when touring the United Kingdom with other Australian State police pipe bands. Making a return to Edinburgh after 42 years is piper Inspector John Graham (retired) who toured in 1975 as a constable.

Formed in 1946 by then Police Commissioner William John MacKay, at the request of a group of experienced police pipers and drummers, was on the proviso the ancient tartan and the crest of Clan MacKay be adopted. The clan motto "Manu Forti" translates to "with a strong hand."

Together with colleagues from the Mounted Police and Concert Band, substantial contributions were provided to both Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoos held in Sydney in 2005 and 2010. The NSW Police Musical Rides were well received by audiences and performers alike.

​Today, both serving and retired police come together with community volunteers to proudly serve the people of New South Wales as official State Band. Most noticeable in their striking red doublets, the band continues to produce a splash of red (and tartan) amongst the sea of police blue uniforms.

The band acknowledges the continued support of the NSW Police Force. We also acknowledge the contribution of our major sponsors: Policebank and the Police Association of NSW for assisting the band to travel to the United Kingdom.

The band also acknowledges the support of the following people and units which have made significant contributions towards the band's attendance at the tattoo:

Police Commissioner Michael Fuller APM

Police Commissioner (retired) Andrew Scipione APM

Inspector Paul Sullivan

Mr Andrew Sneddon - Pipe Tutor

Mr Neil Mogey - Dress & Drill Tutor


Sydney Police Centre

NSW Police Academy

NSW Evergreen Taoist Church

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