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NZ Nationals 2014

In March 2014 the band travelled to Tauranga in New Zealand to compete in their 2014 National Pipe Band Championships.

This was a great experience for our band and its members as we competed aganst a wide array of New Zealand bands who enjoy great playing depth and experience with some of their bands attaining International experience and a worldwide reputation throughout the pipe band industry.

So how did the NSW Police Pipe Band fair? Our band attainted a placing of 4th overall. That is competing in grade 4a against a total of 12 bands. That achievement is extremely admirable and the band and its members are very proud of that result.

It was an extremely pleasurable experience for all mmbers of the band who gained a lot out of attending these championships and also getting to view the playing experience of the New Zealand pipe bands. Please take a moment to view our MSR performance and we hope you enjoy it.


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